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Hettie Adams - Singing & Piano teacher.

Hettie Adams


Hettie has helped countless beginners and pro's achieve their own particular goals.

Career overview 


Hettie is a highly experienced and patient Piano teacher on the the Gold Coast in her late 20s and has been studying singing and performance since the age of  8. Through a Music Scholarship award, Hettie received extensive Vocal & Performance training and went on to win numerous singing competitions throughout Australia. A multi instrumentalist and an exceptional talent.



Both a Vocal & Piano coach on the Gold Coast and formerly in various schools throughout Australia and Overseas. Hettie has also worked in successful touring bands & as a solo performer ( piano/vocalist ) in Tasmania and New Zealand.

With 10 years of high profile performances Hettie is a perfect choice of teacher for both beginners to advanced students and particularly students that require intensive Vocal/Stagecraft preparation for Audition's, Competitions or TV shows such as "The Voice" or Eisteddfods.


Lessons cover all aspects of  Vocals/Piano & Brass including:


* Live performance.

* How to best manage performance anxiety.

*  Songwriting theory.

* Improvisation.

*  Brass.

* Voice over.


Her extensive studies in Musical Therapy make Hettie particularly adept with students that are chronically shy or experiencing performance anxieties ( especially children ). A highly experienced and effective teacher that is patient and fun to be around. 



* Associate degree in Music (Performance).

* Diploma of Music

* Hettie studied vocals under world renowned Opera/Classical/Contemporary        singing teacher, Helen Todd.

Ancillary Qualifications:

* Diploma in Healthcare (2018). 

*  Bachelor of Nursing (2021).

*  Music Therapist. ( * Nearing completion of degree ).

Key Strengths: 

* An open mind to all learning abilities, including high and low end disabilities, therefore Encompassing individuals’ strengths into lesson planning to ensure best possible learning.


* Passionately immerses herself and accommodates the aspirations and vocal challenges of her students. She will be your biggest fan!


* Personal and Nursing experience in external therapies to assist anxieties including performance anxiety which is a big bonus for her students.


*  Strong performance teaching skills including stage presence, mic technique, projection and recording.


* Experience within all types of band settings including, Top 40 R&B, Hip Hop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Brass band, and Orchestras


* Held several scholarships, as well State and National champion titles by the age of 16. After her debut as Cosette, in Tasmania’s show of Les Miserables,




Tours, International & Major social events:

Over the years Hettie has had the opportunity to undertake various notable teaching and performance roles including:


* Performing New Zealand national anthem at Anzac Cove in Gallipoli on Anzac Day in 2016.


* A personal performance in the Queens Gardens at Buckingham Palace with the New Zealand Army Band.


* Vocalist at the Queen's 90th Jubilee in 2016 alongside stars like Andrea Bocelli, Jess Glynne, Kylie Minogue and many other renowned stars.


* Performing at the Royal Edinburgh military Tattoo in Scotland 2015.


* Hettie's exciting upcoming performance will be the New Zealand Anthem on Anzac Day at the Melbourne cricket ground ( MCG ) For the big AFL clash of Collingwood vs Essendon in 2021.

If you play an instrument, it makes you a better singer. The more you play, the better you sing, the more you sing, the better you play. -


Amy Winehouse


Hettie's extensive live performance career has culminated in a wealth of experience and insights into the real world of music and performance that is a huge bonus for for her students. A highly effective Singing and Piano teacher that gets results.


Hettie's teaching method works with  helping students discover their own voice rather than moulding them into something they are not. 

Ability/Levels & Age.

* Beginner to Advanced .

* Ages 5 to 85.


Styles and techniques:

Contemporary, Musical theatre, Pop, Hip Hop, Soul, Rap, Rnb, Funk, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country, Worship songs, Hillsong.



* Songwriting and Composing.


* Performance anxiety therapies.


* Can play Guitar, Piano, Percussion & Brass.


* Intensive Vocal/Stagecraft in preparation for Audition's,     Competitions or TV shows such as "The Voice" or   Eisteddfods.


* Drama.

Be brave and fearless to know that even if you do make a wrong decision, you’re making it for a good reason. -


  Does this sound like YOU.?  


  * l only want to learn the songs l like".


 * l already play a musical instrument but want to learn how to sing or improve my singing".


 * l write lyrics and would like to learn about songwriting theory".


* l already sing but would love to learn how to sing harmonies so l can sing with other musicians and friends".


* l can sing or l feel l have a bit of a voice and would like to boost my confidence to sing in front of people".


* l have had singing lessons in the past but had problems singing in time".


* l really want to increase my vocal range and power".


* l don't want to be bothered with theory and scales l just want to sing for fun without any pressure".


*I feel I have a song in my heart but a block in my head. I just need someone to help me get it out".


* I want to sing at our upcoming wedding or special event".


* I have an important upcoming vocal audition and need some professional objective advice and tips".



Choose the songs you would like to sing.  All styles 


Lessons are customised  to your taste. Hettie transcribes tracks directly from recording's so bring your iphone along.

           WHAT  WILL l LEARN?

Singing lessons


Just some of the things you will learn are:


* How to sing in different genres.


* Vocal Anatomy


* How to scat or improvise. 


* How to overcome Vocal difficulties and what is blocking you.


* How to maintain your pitch, timing and dynamics.


* How to go through several octaves without damaging your vocal cords.


* Speech level singing.


. How to sing high notes without tension.


* VCE contemporary voice exams, AMEB or Anzca Exams. ( Optional ).


* About the head voice and chest voice and how to combine them  seamlessly.


* How to inject emotion into your vocals.


* Microphone technique.


* How to overcome stage fright and nerves.


* How to perform and engage a crowd.


Piano lessons


* How to play piano with the proper technique.


* How to properly align your posture and placement.


* How to articulate and add dynamics to your playing.


                                                               Combined Singing and Piano lessons

As a multi-instrumentalist, Hettie represents exceptional value for her students. You can learn both piano and singing for the price of a singing lesson. For example, if interested you can alternate your lessons with singing one week followed by piano lesson the following week.

" There's no where you can be that isn't where you're meant to be"

- John Lennon


​Trusted Music school since 1997

Hettie's  experience is diverse -  As a Teacher, Live Performer and Recording  Musician.


Reasonable rates.

Premium singing & Piano lessons 100% customised to your taste.

Rock School weekly jams/rock band classes (optional).

Convenient location and parking.

Dedicated Sound proofed and Air conditioned studios.

Registered Blue Card holder.


"Hi Hettie,


Mollie absolutely loved her lesson. She came out very happy and I could tell that whatever you said to her in their resonated with her and she took a lot in".


Thank you, I am pretty sure she has connected with you 100% more than any other singing teacher we have taken her too. Thanks again, having someone so engaging, energetic and encouraging will be so good for her. We can already hear a difference and are sure you are going to be a wonderful
role model for her!”


(Student’s mother)


“I had the most Amazing first lesson, I am so Excited to find my own voice”.



Fear commitment? No problem. Take advantage of the limited number of free trial lessons offered. 2 remaining free lessons available next week.

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This is a great place to learn how to Sing and play piano!

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